Costa Smeralda

Life in Sardinia is perhaps the best that a man can wish: twentyfour thousand kilometers of forests and coastlines immersed in a miraculous sea should coincide with what I would recommend to God to give us as Paradise.

(Fabrizio De Andrè)

An enchanted oasis of semi-wilderness: coves of bright white sand, rocks sculpted by the wind, a crystal-clear tract of sea with a thousand undertones that change colour constantly, following the seasons and the rhythm of the wind, and intensely fragrant Mediterranean maquis – thus it appears in all its beauty, a pearl set within one of the outcrops of north-eastern Sardinia.
This is the breathtaking scene that so fascinated Principe Karim Aga Khan one spring in the late 1950s, and which led him – thanks to his enlightened vision – to realise his dream of creating one of the most exclusive destinations on the global map of elite tourism: the Costa Smeralda (or "Emerald Coast").

Porto Cervo has always been the beating heart of the Costa Smeralda, serving both as an illustrious backdrop for the internationaljet-set and a prestigious showcase for the leading luxury brands.

Many white beaches are waiting for you, Piccolo and Grande Pevero, Capriccioli, Liscia Ruja, Spiaggia del Principe, Romazzino.